A Fit and Frivolous Fort Worth Apartment Community

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Most people would not equate exercise to fun, but not only is it possible to have fun on leg days, but it’s encouraged. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses in their bodies to work on, and here at Alexan Summit, our luxury apartment residents have the ability to enjoy themselves while on their morning run or their evening bike ride right from our Fort Worth apartment community, no strings attached.

First of all, our state-of-the-art cardio and strength training gym is the first stop for any exercise routine or body type. It’s full of the best fitness equipment to maximize every workout and their results, from simple dumbbells and treadmills to complex pulley machines and stair steppers. There are also mirrors to help you gauge your posture and balance, open spaces for yoga and bodyweight exercises, HDTV sets to watch fitness programs or your favorite shows while you train, and even cubbies to hold all your personals in a single spot. Best of all, there’s no overpriced membership fee, and you can walk to the fitness center from anywhere in our luxury apartment community in just a few minutes. If you prefer fresh air during your exercise, you can grab your bike from our handy storage and repair centers and ride around downtown Fort Worth, or you can grab your swimsuit in the summer and make a few laps in our resort-style pool.

Get the fun fitness you deserve here at Alexan Summit. Tour our happy and healthy luxury Fort Worth apartment community soon.

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