Art and Activities for All in Fort Worth


There are several occasions to stop by the art museum, whether you’re going with a significant other to admire their beauty along with the artwork, on your own to delve into the histories of humanity at your own pace, or as part of a school project to ensure you get a good grade. Our luxury apartments at Alexan Summit put you close to some of the best art galleries and studios in Fort Worth, so you’re never lacking in the wonder of wandering around a realm of sculptures and acrylics.

The Kimbell Art Museum is Fort Worth’s most distinguished art museum, due to its impressive permanent collection, its great variety of specialty exhibitions, and of course its delightful atmosphere and events. It’s only two miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can drive there with your party in less than seven minutes. The permanent collection features over 300 priceless artifacts from all across human history, from the ancient carvings and careworn jewelry from Egypt and Greece, to oil paintings of the European Renaissance, all the way to modern day photography and film. In addition, once-in-a-lifetime exhibitions also cycle into the museum every few months, along with artist lectures and classes, so there’s something new to see upon every visit. Best of all, admission to the permanent collection is entirely free for any visitor, so the only price you have to pay is if you wish to access the exhibitions or if you want to buy something from the gift shop.

Enjoy breathtaking art without breaking your bank at Alexan Summit. Visit our luxury apartments in Fort Worth and the Kimbell Art Museum this weekend.

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