CoWork area at Alexan Summit - Imagine Your Perfect Weekend

Imagine Your Perfect Weekend

What do you picture when you imagine your perfect weekend? If it looks as good as your last vacation, then you’re in for a treat. Jump into fun, indoor, and outdoor community amenities when you live at Alexan Summit. Discover the difference a premium Fort Worth luxury apartment home can make in your overall outlook. Grab your friends and explore all that Cowtown has to offer. Celebrate your first night at Alexan Summit with upscale dining and entertainment in Downtown. You can always come back to comfy apartment features in your new apartment home. Finish every weekend with a good dose of relaxation. The life you want to live is waiting at Alexan Summit.

Perfect Weekend

Planning the perfect weekend can start as early as you like. Pop into the CoWork space, check your...

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Stylish private balcony at Alexan Summit - Step Into Stylish Comfort

Step Into Stylish Comfort

Don’t you think it’s time to start living the lifestyle you deserve? Step into stylish comfort with a new home at Alexan Summit, luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth, Texas. Settle into a more relaxed pace of life wrapped in luxury apartment features. Grab hold of everything Fort Worth has to offer. Upscale dining and shopping choices are never far away. Neither are all the...

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A2 one bed/one bath at Alexan Summit - Come Home to Luxury

Come Home to Luxury

You deserve to find your place in this world. Why not make it luxurious? Find your special spot at Alexan Summit luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth, Texas. Come home to luxury when you pick the A2 one-bedroom as your new digs. See what a difference six hundred eighty-nine square feet of comfy apartment features can make in your life. Start enjoying a relaxed pace of life in the vibrant...

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Smoked salmon sandwich - Dine-In at 360 Smoke Shack

Dine-In at 360 Smoke Shack

Nothing can top the excitement you feel finding a new place at Alexan Summit, luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth, Texas. Settle into a relaxed pace of life in Texas’s famous Cow Town famous for a laid-back attitude and vibrant nightlife. Try local favorites like dine-in at 360 Smoke Shack for a great meal and a good time. Other upscale dining and shopping options are just minutes...

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courtyard with grilling and fire features at Alexan Summit - Revive Your Relaxing Weekends

Revive Your Relaxing Weekends

Finding the right recipe to make the most of your downtime is easy once you choose the right luxury apartment home at Alexan Summit in Fort Worth, Texas. Revive your relaxing weekends indulging in fun community amenities and exploring the vibrant city of Fort Worth. Fall has come to Texas, but you will still find plenty of sunny days to enjoy outdoor community amenities with your new...

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