Lili’s Bistro Near Alexan Summit

shrimp over salmon and risotto - Lili's Bistro Near Alexan Summit

What will you discover in your first week living at Alexan Summit, luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth, Texas? When hunger puts you on the hunt, you can’t go wrong with Lili’s Bistro near Alexan Summit. Find tasty meals just minutes from your door. Whether you try dine-in or curbside-pickup, every dish at Lili’s Bistro is one to remember. Of course, you will find plenty of local favorites to enjoy, so remember to pace yourself. Plan your Fort Worth adventure with confidence since you can always come home to comfy apartment features. Add a heavy dose of relaxation to your lifestyle when you live at Alexan Summit.

Lili’s Bistro

If you could have modern cuisine without pretention, you want Lili’s Bistro. In their own words, “Lili’s is about comfort. From the service to the food and everything else that follows. With the food at Lili’s, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We focus on creativity coupled with some familiarity. We also focus on flavors that are pronounced, defined, interesting and complimentary but not overwhelming. Lili’s isn’t what we would define as “cutting edge,” but we do spend a lot of time and effort trying to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing, progressive, and sometimes volatile industry. As one reviewer tagged us, “unpretentious global cuisine” …a moniker we adopted as our own.” Relaxed is a great way to enjoy a meal at Lili’s.

Try Lili’s Bistro near Alexan Summit your first week inside your new luxury apartment home. See what life in Fort Worth, Texas, has in store for you!

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