Takeout from Coco Shrimp Restaurant

sampler platter - pic by Jodi H. on Yelp - Takeout from Coco Shrimp Restaurant

The best part of moving to Alexan Summit beyond their fabulous luxury apartment homes is trying all the local favorites. Dining, shopping, entertainment – it’s all at your fingertips in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. Known for its laidback vibe, Cowtown is as fun a place you will find. Best of all you can eat your cake and have it too when you order takeout from Coco Shrimp Restaurant. Take your meal in the pure comfort of your new home. Enjoy every bite as you’re wrapped in luxury apartment features that keep you comfy. You can even enjoy your meal among fun community amenities that keep the good times rolling. Make your move to the right luxury apartment home at Alexan Summit.

Coco Shrimp Restaurant

Being a seafood fan is a good start when you want to enjoy Coco Shrimp Restaurant. But if you are only a fan of shrimp, then you have struck a gold mine. Plate after plate of delicious shrimp prepared in numerous, mouth-watering ways are always on the menu. Jodi H. has the takeout scoop on Yelp, “…Came through after calling in to place my to-go order. I got the shrimp sampler which comes with rice, three different flavors of shrimp and a light salad with all of their salad dressings. The lady who answered the phone was an absolute delight! She told me what the most popular shrimp flavors were (GET THEIR BREADED COCONUT ONE) and even threw in all of the salad dressings in there because I mentioned that this was my first time after hearing about Coco Shrimp on yelp! Thank you gal!…” The only thing better than enjoying hot takeout is eating in your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Summit.

Try takeout from Coco Shrimp Company as soon as you move in at Alexa Summit, luxury apartment homes in Fort Worth, Texas. Start living the dream.

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